Showing Gratitude

Over the years Ashford Senior Living has had the privilege of caring for many wonderful residents, family members, and friends. We are so grateful to be able to a provide the love and sense of belonging, acceptance, and unconditional care, that everyone wants for their loved one. Here are a few notes from the families of those who have called Ashford home.

Dear Ronniel, thank you for all you did for our Mother / Nancy and our family. You are an extraordinarily kind, compassionate, and organized individual. You and your team made the end of my Mother's journey as good as it could be. You will be in our hearts.


Jean, Ellen, Bob, Katie, and Paul

Ronniel, I want to personally thank you for providing a wonderful environment the last 4 years of my Mother's life. It made the process so much easier. 

I also wonder if you can pass this card onto Anna so I can thank her as well.


Rick S.

To the entire Ashford "family", you are like a lighthouse - strong, bright, and present at all times. I thank you for your kind and gentle care of my mother, Helen, even when she was not herself, maybe grouchy, at times. I can't say enough how your professionalism shown through and was appreciated. 

Love, B.J. Richards

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